We are committed to seeking out and nurturing talent. Our goal is to train and develop our employees to enable them to enter their chosen career field and gain the knowledge and experience that will help propel them forward. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster learning and growth so that each employee is equipped with the knowledge and tools to develop their individual talent and grow within their career. With a combination of hard-work and determination each employee can realize their potential and goals. 


Successful career growth begins with quality training, a mix of acquiring knowledge and cultivating new habits for success. As it also hones in on industry-specific practices, this step provides the necessary foundation for every successful career.



The learning process never fully ends, as things are constantly shifting and changing; we believe after the initial training process, employees must be in a constant state of development, growing their skill-set and perfecting processes.

Why VS Integracija?

Getting started in your career is an exciting time. At VSI we want to help our employees in this start by finding each individual a suitable match to help grow their skill-set and achieve their individual goals.

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